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Towards the end of this summer, my friend Teresa and I went to a yourlust local nudist beach. There were only two men alone, so it was nice and quiet. After a while, we have eliminated our bikinis and decided to go swimming. When we went to the beach to go to one of the boys. Since we could not help us find him likes to show his tail, he had his foreskin back to expose the tip of the tail. It was 7-8 cm long and a good size, he knew we were looking at him and smiled. After we had our swim, and went to the beach, walk with him again and told us how well the stories were, he was very polite. Before I could respond, said Teresa has no tail bad, we all laughed. Me and Teresa again, where we sat and nothing said, I like to feel his cock inside me, I said jokingly, so go and ask. With these words, he pulled her panties and went to him. They were talking about 5 minutes, then she began to kiss,His hands yourlust were on her tits and I could see that she slid her hand up and down his cock. I pulled my panties and moved closer and I could see everything, I was always in my pussy was almost dripping. A then laid on his back with his hands behind his head and his beautiful tail pointing toward the sky, Teresa grabbed his cock and slowly lowered his head toward him, then took him to the mouth, licking, kissing his lips and sliding doors and on its axis, heard him moan with pleasure. yourlust Suddenly the head off his tail when I was little was the drip of the tail, and spots of semen flowed into her pubic hair, his fingers run Teresa in hot cum. Teresa stood up and leaned over him, then she knows that her breast and began squatting on its cover for rain of gold, which I like is like urinating in men, and this was it. Then he turned his head to foot, sat on his chest, then raised her ass and sat on his cock, taking it full lenGTH in one motion, which was jumping up and down, faster and faster. I could not stand, I went and sat with them, came to touch my pussy, I yourlust went, so he could put a finger inside me, I like that inspired me chills, I realized I wanted more then slid three fingers into me, it slides in and out I came yourlust with a loud moan and kept his hand there until I finished running. Teresa was still in her pussy sliding up and down his cock. She said she wanted to finish, with whom I went to her and began to feel her tits, we kissed, our tongues in and out of each other 's mouth. yourlust That was too much for the guy, do not stop it, moaning, do not stop when he shot his hot thick sperm Teresa, she moaned with pleasure as he approached. had been rolled over him as he yourlust passed the sperm from her pussy, I can not resist, I started licking her pussy, cum knew his sweet, my lips and mouth were covered by his sperm.. I turned around and kissed the man on the lips so he could prove his own semen. I told him I wanted him to fuck me, did not need asking twice, I was on all fours and pushed my ass in the air, stood behind me and pushed me even brave rooster, who really crashed to me while telling me, when I had his semen taste semen in my mouth, I could only moan in response, I got between her legs and began to squeeze his balls, I found a thrill, talking dirty to me really turns me on. pulled his cock from me and placed it next to my mouth, I took him in my mouth and suck his cock, he put his hand on my head and took me on his cock. He asked me, cum in my mouth will not stop sucking his dick brave until his cum shot into my thick tongue, his tail was beginning to soften. Teresa and I are on the way back to our towels, packed and left, it was a day to remember.
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